*SCAPEmedia SCREEN & SPOTLIGHT: Fundamentally Happy | 2016 | Singapore | Drama | English | 73 min | NC16


*SCAPEmedia SCREEN – FUNDAMENTALLY HAPPY | 2016 | Singapore | Drama | English | 73 min | NC16

Saturday 5 Nov, 2pm @ *SCAPE Gallery

Directors: Tan Bee Thiam and Lei Yuan Bin
Screenplay by Haresh Sharma and Alvin Tan, adapted from the play Fundamentally Happy by The Necessary Stage
Cast: Adibah Noor, Joshua Lim
Cinematographer: Christopher Doyle


Twenty years ago, Habiba and Eric were neighbours. When Eric revisits her home to find her still living there with her husband, what seems like a friendly reunion turns into the gradual revelation of a secret from the past.

An unflinching look at the consequences of abuse, Fundamentally Happy explores, without judgment or condemnation, critical issues such as trust, memory, relationships and consent.

*SCAPEmedia SPOTLIGHT: From Stage to Screen, the Making of FUNDAMENTALLY HAPPY

Saturday, 5 Nov, 3:30pm @ *SCAPE Gallery (after the film screening)

Fundamentally Happy was originally a 2006 award-wininng play by Haresh Sharma and Alvin Tan produced by The Necessary Stage, and the film adaptation was made in 2015 by filmmakers Tan Bee Thiam and Lei Yuan Bin from 13 Little Pictures.

Without theatre, there’s no cinema. So much of what we know of cinema today – performance, storytelling through space, light and sound design, has its roots in the many kinds of theatre that precede cinema and are still innovating today. Just like the chamber films of Ingmar Bergman, the filmmakers imagine a cinema that embraces the theatricality and distills the essence of an original text.

Find out how the filmmakers work with the creators of the play when adapting the text of Fundamentally Happy from stage to screen. Hear their experience of working on set with renowned cinematographer Christopher Doyle, and the two acclaimed actors Adibah Noor and Joshua Lim.

Lead actor Joshua Lim will also be present to share his experiences in traversing between the two mediums of stage and screen acting.

About the filmmakers

Tan Bee Thiam and Lei Yuan Bin have worked together on various projects produced under 13 Little Pictures, an independent film collective whose films have garnered critical acclaim. Fundamentally Happy is the first film they co-directed together. Tan is an alumnus of Berlinale Talents, Rotterdam Lab and European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs. Lei was conferred the Young Artist Award in 2012 by the National Arts Council, Singapore's highest award for young arts practitioner.

Tan produced SNAKESKIN (Jury Prize, Torino 2014 and Award in Excellence, Yamagata 2015), 03-FLATS (Best Film, Salaya 2015), PONTIANAK (Moneff Prize, Hong Kong 2015) and TUITION (Asian Cinema Fund, Busan 2015). He directed KOPI JULIA, one of 13 short films curated by Apichatpong Weerasethakul for the Sharjah Biennale 2013. He is currently developing his second feature film, TIONG BAHRU SOCIAL CLUB, awarded New Talent Feature Film Grant by Singapore’s Media Development Authority.

Lei’s directorial debut, WHITE DAYS (2009) has been praised to be “one of the rare films in Singapore cinema that invites the viewer to rethink the aesthetics of cinema.” 03-FLATS (2014), his sophomore feature was selected for documentary competition in Busan and won Best Film at Salaya. 03-FLATS was screened to full-house audience in Singapore and film critic John Lui hailed the film as “an absorbing, almost hypnotically arresting treatise". Lei’s next project, TUITION won Busan’s Asian Cinema Fund 2015 and was selected one of thirty projects selected for the Asian Project Market.

About Joshua Lim

Joshua is an actor born, raised, and based in Singapore. He is extremely versatile, adept on stage as well as on film and TV. He has acted in big budget commercial spectacles, intimate raw works, played extremely varied roles such as OCD-esque rules stickler to vulgarity-spewing road rager. Fundamentally Happy is his first feature film, a piece he is proud of and hopes to provoke and move people.

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Sat Nov 5, 2016
2:00 PM - 4:30 PM SGT
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SCREEN: Fundamentally Happy + SPOTLIGHT: The Making of Fundamentally Happy - Early Bird Promotion until 28 Oct (U.P. $8.00) SOLD OUT $5.00
SPOTLIGHT: The Making of Fundamentally Happy - Early Bird Promotion until 28 Oct (U.P $8.00) SOLD OUT $5.00
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